Ingrid Hoffman

Latin Times Magazine: Thank you for taking the time to speak with Latin Times!  Please tell us about yourself.

Ingrid Hoffman: Columbia born, raised in the Caribbean, grew up in my mother’s kitchen, and my mother started her catering company when I was very little, she started it first from my house and then eventually bought a restaurant, and so I have always been in the food industry, I grew up in a restaurant and it’s what I live and breathe, eating is my passion, more than cooking, eating is my passion, and that is where it comes from!


Latin Times Magazine: What is your favorite dish to make, and what is your favorite dish to eat?

Ingrid Hoffman: It really is everything, if I would have to pick something for sentimental reasons, I would have to say that it’s my dad’s brandied shrimp.  It’s something that connects me to him.  To eat and make –for emotional reasons, not for any other reasons.


Latin Times Magazine:  What has been your biggest obstacle, and how did you overcome

Ingrid Hoffman:  What is my biggest challenges, more than anything, people in America people thought that Mexican Food was the only Latin Food, and I think that was an obstacle because I was like, listen there is different types of Latin Foods, and I make food from 22 countries including Spain, Mexico, Columbia, and everywhere, and then I make it my own, and I think that people didn’t understand that in the beginning.  My name was also an obstacle, people would say you are not Latin!


I was the first Latin on an English channel and that too was a huge challenge as well.


Latin Times Magazine:  So tell me what about the Cuban Sandwich, do you know how to make a Cuban Sandwich?

Ingrid Hoffman:  I LOVE Cuban Sandwich, and I make a mean one, and of course I do my own special twist!

June 5, 2015

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